Truly bespoke humanist ceremonies

Your three days: a humanist naming or celebration of adoption in welcome…a humanist wedding, partnership or commitment ceremony to promise yourself to the one you love or a renewal of vows reaffirming your commitment…a ‘This is your life’ ceremony celebrating your life with you or a humanist memorial to commemorate a life ‘in memoriam’.

It’s the unique Your Three Days creative method that really sets my humanist ceremonies apart. Whilst others might interview you or produce a form, my approach is far more personal, intuitive and thoughtful. I then write with contributors’ actual words. These are often composed individually and jointly by them, in their own time and with all the support they need. In other words, not in response to set questions often answered vocally and under pressure.

Of course it takes more care, skill and time this way. However like life in general, the more you put in, the more you get out. As a result, and as my 80+ pages of testimonials hopefully show, many clients cherish the whole rewarding experience as much as the beautiful end result.

As one of the few full-timers, with over 10 years’ experience and 300+ humanist ceremonies to my name, you simply won’t find the same flair, commitment or track record elsewhere. I never take any of it for granted though – and this is where my attitude is key to it all. No matter how many ceremonies I’ve done, I approach every one as if it is both my first and my last.

This work is a joy and privilege. I love what I do.

Hannah Wroe Gill – Your Three Days Ltd