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Examples of my Consultancy Service in action

Vows and rings

Yvette and Heidi

Yvette and Heidi plan to walk into their civil wedding ceremony together, hand in hand, likely with the biggest smiles on their faces.

They’ve actually really enjoyed their wedding planning. They may not have the biggest budget but they’ve gone the extra mile in making their day as personal as possible. Knowing this was their aim all along, their best friends Penny and Anthony clubbed together when they got engaged to buy them a gift voucher for their vows and exchange of rings.

Liaising with their Registrars to confirm possibilities, we work together to create the most tender statement vows they’ll keep as a surprise from one another until the day. They’re designed to entirely complement one another though, just as Yvette and Heidi do.

On the day, there isn’t a dry eye after their entrance, but there’s a very special kind of silence when they read their unique vows.



Jamie and Douglas

Jamie, 2, and Douglas, 4, are the most loving of brothers. Well, they are when they’re not arguing over their toys. Without fail, they are the life and soul of the party whenever there is any family gathering. They’ll be just such a get together in just a couple of months actually, since both boys are due to be christened together at their local church, St Botolph’s. Jamie, in particular, is very excited about the font.

Their parents would like to add their own personal touch to the ceremony, with the Vicar’s blessing of course. So we plan a surprise reading for the boys, created with contributions with all the people who matter most to them and play a part in their lives.

On the day when they realise their uncle’s reading is actually about them the astonished looks on the boys’ faces are priceless. It really makes the ceremony their own.


Story so far

Bernadette and Martin

After 30 years together, Bernadette, 70, and Martin, 65, have decided to marry. Their family and friends may tease them about rushing in so soon, but really they’re all delighted. It’s going to be quite the big day.

Above all, these two want their church ceremony to really resonate with personal meaning as well a religious significance that’s important to them both. They’ve done so much loving, laughing and learning together, they want to celebrate that with all the people who have been a part of it. They want me to bring their ‘Story so far’ to life.

It’s a privilege to work with these two. Giddy as teenagers, they relish the opportunity to indulge themselves. We travel back in time through all the memories they’ve amassed together.

On the day, even Reverend Owens can’t help but join in the congregation’s enjoyment as they celebrate this remarkable love story as one.



Etta and Claude

The culmination of Etta and Claude’s anniversary party is a well kept surprise. It’s a Your Three Days well-wishing, organised, inspired by and performed by three of their dearest friends.

It’s already been such a memorable night, full of laughter, music and dancing. They are a much loved couple. Before long it’s Sol, Ivor and Pauline’s happy job to remind them of that for a moment.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working together gathering contributions from all the people who Claude and Etta are truly close to. Their friends mean a lot to them and they’ve always invested so much in those relationships. They’re about to hear just how much the feeling is mutual.

There’s wit, there’s truth and there’s wisdom in every word of the text the trio deliver and Etta and Claude have tears in their eyes as they embrace them at the end. The applause is deafening.


Toasts and speeches

Stella and Xavier

Stella and Xavier’s generation aren’t afraid to pick and choose from the established wedding traditions. They still want Reception speeches, for example. However they’re wary of them being overly long or losing their audience with jokes only half understand. They decide to do something a little different – ‘mirror image’ toasts – a delightful mix of collaboration and surprise.

First they take important time out from all the heady distractions and instead reflect for a while on what it’s actually all about: their relationship. Together, we agree a structure, areas to focus on and a way forward. Then it’s time for them to work independently for a while, generating the words I’ll use to write for them.

On the day, instead of one of them feeling all the pressure, they find themselves looking forward to the big reveal. It’s their way of starting their marriage as they mean to go on.




After years of dealing with his recurring cancer, Reggie and Olivia are now trying to come to terms with a terminal diagnosis. They’ve faced some challenges in their time together, but this is the most painful.

The one thing that helps is taking whatever control they can. In that spirit, Reggie decides he’d like me to help them plan his funeral. There turns out to be far more laughter involved than anyone anticipated as they grapple with the enormity of it all, but that’s no bad thing.

At the centre of it all they would like 3 group eulogies to be read.  They nominate not only the contributors they’d like me to gather information from directly and helping shape the questions they’d like me to ask, but selecting the readers as well. As the most poignant of tributes flood in, there is thankfully still time for Olivia to read them to her love.


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