YTD Consultancy Service – a guide

My Consultancy Service enables you to import original written elements into your own ceremony, event or celebration, without my needing to be present on the day.

Six classic bespoke elements are profiled here: vows and ringsreadings, a ‘The story so far’ section, well-wishingstoasts and speeches and eulogies. You’ll find their key features outlined, a sense of their emotional impact and examples illustrating the remarkable range possible. However, the nature of my work means that I am working on new ideas all the time, so it is always worth keeping track.

It’s the unique Your Three Days creative method that really sets my writing apart. Whilst others might interview you or produce a form, my approach is far more personal, intuitive and thoughtful. I then write with contributors’ actual words, often composed individually and jointly by them, in their own time and with all the support they need – not in response to set questions answered often vocally and under pressure. As a result, and as my 80+ pages of testimonials hopefully show, many cherish the whole rewarding experience as much as the beautiful end result.

Focused on the people at its heart, my writing is non-religious in nature, but would thrive in any setting. A civil wedding in a Registry Office or a church wedding. A christening or naming ceremony. An engagement celebration, wedding Reception, anniversary party or memorial gathering. Clients all over the world can hire me, for themselves or someone they love.

I price each assignment individually and offer flexible payment plans if I can – gift vouchers are also available. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Just let me know. That’s the beauty of bespoke.

You can’t find the ‘Your Three Days’ experience anywhere else.

Hannah Wroe Gill – Your Three Days Ltd