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Elke and Ranjeev

Elke, 38, and Ranjeev, 36, have just become parents for the second time, welcoming baby Amira 2 weeks ago, a lovely little sister for a very excited big brother Toby, 6.

Now their family is complete, Ranjeev and Elke would like to celebrate by commissioning a family portrait (in words, not pictures, though they are planning a family photo shoot later too). They decide it might be fun to also involve Elke’s parents, who live overseas, as well as Ranjeev’s siblings, who play a role in Amira and Toby’s day-to-day lives.

With that exciting remit in mind, I begin gathering information from Elke and Ranjeev about their experience of parenthood, taking them back before Toby was born, right up to the present day and Amira’s arrival. They’ve learned, changed and shared so much, but they rarely have chance to talk about it all, so they savour the opportunity. Toby would like to have his say too, so his auntie offers to type up his contribution.

I also contact the select few relatives Ranjeev and Elke have nominated and ask them for their take on this happy family’s evolution: how they’ve felt, watching their children becoming parents themselves; how they see them now and everything they wish them going forward.

The final text, the culmination of all those emotions, perspectives and hopes, is something they can all delight in together, again and again. It is an authentic, remarkable and unique portrayal of moments in time: a testimony that will last forever.

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