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YTD ‘i carry your heart with me’ Commission

Creating a text inspired by an engagement or marriage.

In the beginning, an engagement and being just married is all about the romance. Over time though, that early excitement can get lost amid the logistical demands of planning a wedding and living a busy life…

A Your Three Days commission can help focus you both on what’s most important. A piece of writing will result that not only enriches the whole experience of preparing to marry or being just married, but that encapsulates who you are at this unique stage in your relationship, a record you can return to time and again.

I might ask about various aspects of your relationship so far, your emotional journey and how you both see your future. We may just keep the focus quite specific or invite others to be involved too. Our text might have particular participants contributing to different elements, thereby offering all the sides to your story that we want to capture. This is just one of a number of intuitive approaches we could take.

Every couple’s story has a right way of being told. Together, we can find the right way for you: for now, for all the years ahead, forever.

The ‘i carry your heart with me’ commission could appeal to couples of any age, stage or situation.

‘i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)’

E. E. Cummings