YTD ‘In the hearts of those you love’ Commission

Creating a text in loving memory of a family member or friend.

Losing someone we love can stop many of us in our tracks for a while. However, when we are ready, many find sharing our memories with others brings us comfort, balancing our sense of loss and enabling us to move forward.

What if those remembrances could be given permanent form, not only giving a voice to the past, but also preserving them for the future? They can.

A bespoke Your Three Days commission, perhaps chosen by the bereaved, by family or friends, can capture those memories in time. Whether a family wants a record of beloved grandparents that will be cherished by generations to come or friends rally in response to losing to one of their own, whatever the situation, there will be a commission to match.

I might ask about all the aspects of our subject’s life that made them who they were. We may involve just those closest or a few more contributors. Our text might blend a sharper focus with passages with a more thematic approach, all chosen carefully to suit. Finding just the right combination of elements is all part of creating a fitting tribute.

The ‘In the hearts of those you love’ commission might appeal to partners, family and/or friends of a loved one.

‘When you live in the hearts of those you love, remember then, you never die.’

Rabindranath Tagore