YTD ‘May your song always be sung’ Commission

Creating a text marking a significant birthday or anniversary.

Celebrating a landmark birthday or anniversary can be great fun. What better excuse do we need to take stock of all that is good in our lives? Often the day arrives, it passes and we move on though.

Why not invest in an original Your Three Days commission, either for you, a family member or friend, to help make it all mean even more and resonate for longer?

Perhaps your child has reached a certain age, they’ve recently become a big sister/brother or their family situation has changed. Maybe you’d like a snapshot of your life now as you reach a significant milestone. There may be a special couple you know who deserve to be reminded just how much they are cared for.

Happy 18th? We’re going to have to refer back to the baby photos; Golden Wedding? Perhaps a more mature review will suit. We may involve a small number of contributors or a larger selection to gather what we need. Our text might blend its tale in a variety of ways and from different viewpoints, it really depends on our subject(s) and their stage in life. A wealth of choice awaits us.

The ‘May your song always be sung’ commission celebrates a birthday/anniversary at any age/stage.

‘May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung. May you stay forever young.’

Bob Dylan