YTD ‘Sit. Feast on your life’ Commission

Creating a text in tribute to a full life, while it is still being enjoyed…

Taking stock can all too often be a rare occurrence in life. Many of us are so busy doing, we forget to reflect on all we have already done. A Your Three Days commission can give the only excuse you need, to stop for a few moments and look back…

Together, we would gather a treasure trove of information, even keeping some elements a surprise until the final drafting is done, but all the while working towards a delightful end result that brings your life, or the life of someone you love, to life on the page.

I might ask all sorts of different questions about that life: the past…the present…as well as consider the future. We may involve a select few contributors or a few more. Our text may incorporate a variety of interwoven elements in one unified whole: memories, reflection and perspective, to name just a few. There is a rich range of choice available and I can guide you through it all.

This is a unique process that would encourage you to reflect, share and appreciate all you have. That’s time and care worth taking.

The ‘Sit. Feast on your life’ commission can be led by the subject themselves or be co-ordinated by loved ones.

‘Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs…Sit. Feast on your life.’

Derek Walcott