Bespoke toasts and speeches for your wedding or event

Many people soon feel the pressure when preparing a speech or toast for a once in a lifetime event. It certainly helps if you have something to say that you are passionate about, that feels authentic and speaks to who you really are. Most advice websites on the subject will agree this is a winning formula.

It can prove an illusive formula too, but the idea of seeking a professional’s help may feel like dodging the challenge. This is how I can help. I’ll write with your words but I won’t put words into your mouth. We’ll work together to gather the information we need and then I’ll tap into 10+ years’ of professional writing experience and bring your ideas, your voice, to life. As my testimonials show, it’s a unique Your Three Days creative method as satisfying as it is enjoyable.

So whether you are a bride or groom, trying to capture all you feel; a best man; a happy couple wishing to say something authentic, original and meaningful to one another on your big day or a parent looking to welcome your new daughter/son-in-law to your family with a few well-chosen words – together we can make the experience a treat and the end result a triumph.