Kate and John – 30th December 2015 – Adlington Hall, Cheshire


‘Thank you so much for making our day so special. It’s amazing how all these things come together and we feel so lucky you conducted this beautiful humanist ceremony for us, thank you so much Hannah. Kate’
‘It was beautiful and we received so many comments about how lovely the service was, it really did unfold so well. Thank you so much for helping make the day as special as it was. Your hard work and patience really paid off for us. Thank you so much. John’


Ruth and Andy – Tuesday 29th December 2015 – Halle St Peter’s, Manchester (deconsecrated)


We would like to sincerely thank Hannah for all the help and advice she gave to us before, during, and after our wedding. We were both keen on having a Humanist ceremony and found Hannah’s details through the Humanist Society’s website. We thought we were getting a celebrant – turns out we were getting an editor, advisor, and box mover as well.


Hannah was very clear about the various options involved in a Humanist ceremony and helped us to create a celebration that was completely personal to us. She was honest with us when she thought ideas we had were not going to work, but supported our decisions and helped us to bring our ideas to life. She was full of suggestions and alternatives if a particular plan wasn’t working. For example, some of our readers were struggling to find something appropriate and she gave them lots of suggestions that they found really helpful.


We met with Hannah before the wedding where she took us through what was going to happen. We were both a bit sceptical about how necessary this was but on the day it really made a difference. Knowing what was going to happen and being familiar with the process meant we were both able to enjoy ourselves more rather than thinking about what was supposed to be happening next. Hannah also inadvertently ended up helping us unloading cars and dropping off things that day – absolutely going above and beyond what we expected from her, but it was very much appreciated!


On the day, it was fantastic to have Hannah there. She organised all of our ushers and made sure everyone knew what they were doing. She took all the pressure off us so we could just enjoy ourselves. She talked to (and remembered!) our friends and family. She helped direct staff and helpers if they weren’t sure what was going on. If we could have kept her to organise the reception we definitely would!


So many people have commented on how much effort Hannah made with them during and after the ceremony, how the day felt very personal and emotional, and how much fun it was. In fact, a few of our friends who, before Tuesday, were rather ‘anti-marriage’ have since said they’ve been rethinking their position. They said they’d never been to a wedding like it before, which is really saying something as one of them is in Andy’s band so has probably been to more weddings than most people we know.


We were delighted with how the ceremony went. The ceremony felt really special and we couldn’t have done that on our own. Thanks for putting us at ease during the morning, for letting us feel in control of what was going on, and for making everything run so smoothly. Ruth and Andy


Dionne and Damien – Saturday 10th October 2015 – The Met Hotel, Leeds


Thank you Hannah for everything you have done to make our day truly special. We couldn’t be more happy with the decision to have you part of our wedding and we will remember your words forever.


Literally everyone I spoke to commented how beautiful and personal the humanist ceremony was. I couldn’t agree more!!!


Many, many thanks,

Dionne and Damien x


Anna and Ben – Saturday 3rd October 2015 – Vertigrow Nurseries, York


We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for conducting our humanist wedding ceremony. From the very beginning your enthusiasm and passion was so exciting and inspiring. The ceremony you wrote and the way you delivered it was PERFECT and EVERYONE was talking about it/you for days! It was everything we hoped for and more!


All the best,

Anna and Ben xxx


Lucy and Greg – Saturday 19th September 2015 – ‘Eden’ at Broughton Hall, Skipton


Dear Hannah,

Thanks for everything you did to make our wedding so special.

Everyone commented on how personal and moving the humanist ceremony was – it was everything we had hoped it would be.

Thanks also for keeping us both so calm and making sure we had a truly magical time.

Lucy and Greg xx


Ian and Chim – Saturday 5th September 2015 – Swinton Bivouac, Masham


‘Dear Hannah,

What can I say? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the day fabulous and special.


My favourite part of the whole day was the ceremony. Ian says the same. We really loved what you did and will never forget how perfect you were.


THANK YOU!!! All the very best, Ian and Chim xxx’ Card from Ian and Chim



Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. You really made our day truly special.


It was an absolutely beautiful humanist ceremony – we couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone commented on how lovely it was. It’s the one thing we keep remembering of the whole day. Everyone was in tears, but happy ones.


I could fill this whole email with just saying thank you… You really are Yorkshire’s best Celebrant!

All our very best,

Ian and Chim



Laura and Paul – Saturday 29th August 2015 – Arts Centre, Leek


‘Thank you for your thank you. And more importantly a huge thank you for the day itself and everything you have done for us.


We were so happy with the day and have had so much positive feedback and lovely comments about your ceremony – it has been overwhelming. Thank you also for taking the time and effort to stay and talk to people after the ceremony as quite a few people mentioned how much they appreciated this.


As to the script – wow, I don’t know where to start….It was truly perfect. It went down better than we imagined. To have something that personal and delivered in such a beautiful and heartfelt way was so special and exceeded any expectations that we had of the whole process. It was also great to be able to send it to some of the people who couldn’t make it.


I can’t tell you how much having you there to rely on helped get us through the week and day. To have someone we felt we knew and could totally depend on made it so much better.


All in all we have both said (and many of our family said) that we can’t imagine having done it any other way, and it was just what we wanted and more.




‘Hi Hannah


Thanks so much for getting back to me so promptly! I’ve just read through and it’s brought back that wonderful feeling of love and pride in them both that I experienced on Saturday.


We can’t thank you enough for all that you did to make the day so special. I would recommend you as a humanist celebrant unreservedly and wish you every success for the future.


Best wishes from us both

Chris and John’ (proud parents)


Jo and Shaun – Saturday 22nd August 2015 – at home


Hi Hannah,

Can’t believe how quickly the weekend has flown by. It’s been absolutely everything we wanted.


We really enjoyed the ceremony and all our family and friends did too. Thank you so much for making it so special.


Jo and Shaun x


Lucy and Tommy – Saturday 15th August 2015 – Chadkirk Chapel, Stockport (deconsecrated)


Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for your email and everything you did to make our day truly wonderful. The humanist ceremony was perfect and so many people have commented on it being the best wedding ceremony they have ever been to. I know I’m biased but I have to agree … It was perfect and captured everything about mine and Tommy’s life together. We had the most amazing day and we thank you for the enormous part you played in making it so special.


Thank you once again for all your help, support and words of wisdom leading up to the big day. It really was everything we could have wished for and more.


Kind regards.

Lucy and Tommy-Paul !!!! Xxx


Jen and James – Saturday 1st August 2015 – Newton Grange, Skipton


Hi Hannah,

We really just wanted to say thanks again for your support in the run up to the wedding, and of course for your help on the day. I think you really managed to convert some of the people we were most apprehensive about – everyone has been so complimentary about how lovely and personal the humanist ceremony was.


We’ll send you some pictures across once we have them, should you want to use them on your site etc.


We’d love to take you for a drink one day. Do let us know when you’re free.



Jen and James xx


Rachel and Pete – Saturday 11th July 2015 – Hornington Manor, York


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for everything you did on the day. We had a lot of comments about how much people liked the ceremony. We really enjoyed how personal it was and it felt much more appropriate to us than any other form of ceremony would. I think it’s safe to say Rach, the guests and I all really enjoyed it and it made the day really special.


Thanks again,



Robyn and Steven – Friday 10th July 2015 – Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere


I just wanted to say thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful ceremony for us. It was everything we hoped for and more https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v5/f4c/1/16/1f642.png 🙂


The day just seemed to go so perfectly, we had a fantastic time from the morning until the end. Everyone was up dancing all night, it really was brilliant!


Thank you again Hannah, you were amazing and made the humanist ceremony so special and unique. All the guests commented on how lovely it was and that they hadn’t been to a ceremony like it. They loved how personal it was, some guests even questioned how you knew so much about us! I think an outside wedding ceremony was a real treat for everyone too https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v5/f4c/1/16/1f642.png 🙂


Robyn xx


Neave and Patrick – Saturday 4th July 2015 – Rivington Hall Barn, Bolton


‘Hi Hannah,

Thank you for the script of the day. We will cherish it.


Thank you again for all the work you did for us and for being a part of making our day so extremely amazing. Check out www.rockmywedding.com. Our wedding was featured on their blog today which is super exciting.


Hope you are well.

Kind regards



‘The ceremony for me and Patrick was the most special part of the day. We chose to have a humanist ceremony. The weather was so hit and miss that I didn’t find out the ceremony was outside until I got there. It was lead by celebrant Hannah Wroe Gill who built our beautiful, bespoke ceremony. She helped us write our vows and create something which we will cherish forever. Our ceremony was US, it was about our 13 years together so far, how we have grown and how much we love each other. She made our family and friends laugh and cry not least me and Patrick. We had ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ read by Patricks brother Owen and Friendship ready by my friend Laura both were special moments during the ceremony. We also did Hand-fasting, a binding of our two hands with ribbons a literal expression of the phrase ‘tying the knot’ the binding of our hands was accompanied by a beautiful reading from my brother Liam called ‘These are the hands’.’ Extract from their entry on ‘Rock My Wedding’ site.


Jen and Warren – Saturday 27th June 2015 – at the family home


Thank you, not only for making our ceremony everything we had imagined – and then some – but for making the whole process of building it so beautiful too. Thank you for your ongoing support and your well timed and perfectly worded emails. Thank you for helping us to say what we wanted to say and working out how best to say it. Thank you for thinking of everything from ‘first questions’ to ‘practicalities’. Thank you for making our family and friends laugh heartily and cry (uncontrollably in some cases!). Thank you for your calmness and professionalism on the morning of the wedding (and throughout) and for putting everyone at ease. Thank you for taking the time to meet and introduce yourself to all of the people who are important to us and for making them feel important too. Thank you for the way you liaised with the numerous suppliers. Thank you Hannah for making our special day even more so and for helping us to make memories that will be cherished by many forever.


With our love and best wishes,


Warren and Jen xxx


Lou and Dom – Saturday 20th June 2015 – Settrington Orangery, near Malton


The passages around the ring exchanges are BEAUTIFUL! We really feel like you’ve captured the essence of our relationship perfectly. We both got teary just reading it now, not sure how we’re going to make it through the ceremony! Thank you so much Hannah, just reading this tonight has made us both very happy! We can’t wait for the big day! Best, Dom & Lou


On the reading of the first draft.


Angela and Craig – Friday 19th June 2015 – The Deanwater Hotel, Wilmslow


Thank you for making our day so special. Everyone commented on how different and nice it was. Thank you again, Angela & Craig


Clayton and Natalie – Saturday 6th June 2015 – Gilling Old Mill Barn, near Richmond


Hi Hannah,

I hope you are well!


We are settling into married life very nicely and just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful humanist ceremony. Everyone still talks to us about it now and we can’t praise you enough for making our day as special as it was! In fact I think our friends Kate and Al were so impressed they have contacted you for their own wedding next year so we will see you at that too – I’m sure it will bring back our own special memories!


Kind regards,

Natalie and Clayton


Hannah and Robin – Saturday 30th May 2015 – at home


Our wedding ceremony was fantastic- a seriously memorable day for us all- and we have had lovely feedback from everyone. So happy we asked you to do it!




Carla and Ian – Friday 29th May 2015 – Styal Lodge, Cheshire


Hannah!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You were truly fantastic. You delivered the most wonderful words to our friends and family and got the balance of time vs emotion spot on…. Heavy on the emotion, just as we’d asked…. The graph never lies!!! Honestly, we made some great decisions throughout this whole wedding planning malarkey but picking you to host proceedings was definitely one of the best! Thank you for being totally brilliant. Everyone thought it was wonderful. To quote my grandad… He’s never been to a ceremony like that before … and he thought it was ‘lovely’….


Big plaudits!!! Big love!! Big thanks!!




kj and Michael – Tuesday 26th May 2015 – Bagden Hall, Denby Dale


I wanted to thank you again for conducting the ceremony for us – you were fabulous and it was just wonderful – a perfect combination of formal and fun.




Hanna and Guy – Sunday 24th May 2015 – at the family home


‘Dear Hannah –

It was the most amazing day, thank you so much for conducting the ceremony in a thoughtful, responsive and sensitive way that made the event totally memorable for everyone involved. And I know that Guy found your calm spirit and support tremendously helpful on the day, not least when he was being bombarded with questions and later, waiting for the (traditionally) late bride to appear!


All my thanks for creating a wonderful day,



‘Hi Hannah!

I meant to write sooner to let you know what a special humanist ceremony you created for my daughter Hanna and Guy in May this year.

Thank you again.

Best wishes from Stefan’


Victoria and Nick – Saturday 23rd May 2015 – ‘Greenacres’, Derbyshire



We will reply formally when we get a chance, but I wanted to let you know that your input to the day was absolutely amazing. Great job!


We are sorry we didn’t say goodbye before we left. It was obviously a bit of a whirlwind. We did take in the whole day though and it was easily the best day of my life.


We had so many comments about the ceremony. Everyone I spoke to was blown away with it.




‘Hi Hannah,

As Nick has already said, I am sorry we were unable to thank you properly on the day or say goodbye.


I want to thank you so much for delivering such a beautiful humanist wedding ceremony for us. Everything about the ceremony was perfect, so many of our guests who have been a part of our lives for the last 15 years were just blown away by how personal and meaningful the service ones and many who are already married told us that if they ever had their time again they would be getting in touch with you! I am sure you get similar feedback all the time but I just want you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into getting to know us and creating a ceremony which was so apt! You honestly could not have done it better.


Thank you again, as Nick said, we will send you a formal thanks in due course but I just wanted to let you know now how grateful we are and how much you made our day! I really think the ceremony set the atmosphere and feeling for the party that followed.


Kind Regards



‘Thank you very much for a lovely service. It was spot on.


As you can imagine we were very proud Grandparents.

Best wishes

Arthur & Betty’


Gillian and Colin – Sunday 12th April 2015 – Adlington Hall, Cheshire


We are so grateful to you for making our special day ‘So Special’. The ceremony was wonderful. We wish we could press replay and do it all again. You helped us through what was a difficult process, giving us guidance and help from our initial meeting right up to our big day. Having been partners for 20 years before our marriage, you made us dig into long gone memories and bring them back to life, which was wonderfully nostalgic. You made our life before, our ceremony and our wonderful vows come to life and delivered it with total professionalism.


So many of our guests commented on what a beautiful humanist service it was, so different. For some it was the best they had ever experienced. So it was for us as well: the involvement of friends and family, singing, poems and the hand fasting [tying the knot] all culminated into a fun, happy and yet serious ceremony.


Thank you for all your hard work. We know at times you had to give us nudges to respond to your questions, but it all paid off. We do not think anybody has ever had a nicer wedding than we had. You were a big hit and we had the most perfect day.


A big hug and thank you again from both of us.


Susie and Matt – Saturday 4th April 2015 – Low Newton beach, Northumberland


Our day wouldn’t have been what it was without your guidance and support throughout. From the initial (epic) phone call through to your awesome guest herding on the day itself you were very much a part of our wedding and the boys’ naming. The sequence of the ceremony was seamless and beautiful, with as you predicted not a dry eye in the house (or rather on the beach!). Whilst little Eli is likely to be too young to remember much of the day, Isaac will forever remember how much fun everyone had. We have some beautiful pictures of him gazing at the hand fasting.


Choosing to have a Humanist ceremony for both the wedding and the naming meant we could focus the day on our family as well as have the Guide Parents we wanted for our children, rather than being restricted to just those of faith or who are christened. Neither of us are religious in nature and to choose an alternative was the natural thing for us to do to celebrate our family our way. What you did for us is unforgettable and we shall forever cherish you in the memories of the day.


So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts

with love Susie & Matt, and Eli, Isaac and Charlie xxx


Katie and Nathan – Thursday 2nd April 2015 – a fabulous tipi in Halifax


Thanks so much for everything you have done. The humanist service was perfect and exactly what we wanted and so much more! Speak soon. Mr and Mrs H xxx


Jo and Dav – Saturday 17th January 2015 – Mere Court Hotel, Knutsford


We will never forget you (or your, very good at hiding, husband) and what you did for us. I hope that you can fully understand how much you made our wedding and lives come to life. I will probably keep sending you the occasional message to let you know this but for now here is just another thank you. You also really impressed all of my friends, the photographer and the hotel!


Jo x