Laura and Nick – Saturday 14th October 2017 – Craven Cruck Barn, Appletreewick


‘Yesterday was amazing, thank you. From the feedback of guests it seems everyone was pleasantly surprised, as they didn’t know what to expect and said it was beautiful.

Thanks again, Nick’


Jade and Tom – Saturday 2nd September 2017 – ‘Crow Hill’, Marsden


‘I can’t even begin to describe how perfect the wedding was: truly magical and the humanist ceremony absolutely made the whole day! Thank you so much for everything, we were so happy with everything from start to finish. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease in the morning, took care of every little detail and took us on the most wonderful journey in our ceremony. We have had so many wonderful comments and feedback!

Thanks again for everything, Jade & Tom’


Emma and Tom – Monday 28th August 2017 – ‘Crow Hill’, Marsden


‘We cannot even thank you enough. Words cannot describe how amazing it was!! It felt just incredible to have everyone there and your words were so powerful and intimate. Everyone was telling us how much they loved the humanist ceremony and how special it was, they really felt so personal. What a special day it was! I spent a lot of time yesterday getting teary!

You have been so great to work with – so calm and you really put me at ease when I needed it. Thanks again and if you need anything from us in regards to recommendations, statements etc let us know. We will certainly be shouting about you from the rooftops!

Loads of love, Emma & Tom xxx’


Lynsey and Michael – Saturday 12th August 2017 – ‘Spring Cottage’, Rivington


‘Thank you so much for the smart script. I am sure we will treasure it. I have got to say that I have read the script quite a few times since the wedding. It brings the day and all the emotion that went with it, in an instant. I can recall the way you said something, the pauses, the look Michael gave me and who I looked out to in the crowd. It is truly wonderful that we will have something so uniquely personal to reminisce over.

I have attached quite a few photos- couldn’t choose which to send. I love the spectrum of emotions that they capture- and what you delivered.
Thanks again for all you did, Lynsey and Michael’

‘We had the most fantastic day. The humanist ceremony was the definite highlight for both of us.

Michael and I were reflecting on the day last night and he came out with ‘I was really dreading the ceremony but it was actually my favourite part of the whole day’. A huge compliment to you for an introvert to come out with something like that! The ceremony being so personal and meaningful just completely made it. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

I felt so at ease during the ceremony (and I usually hate being public speaking) and will always remember looking out at everyone watching and Michael looking at me- while you so eloquently told our story- a story that I am so proud of. You completely did it justice.

We received so many compliments on the ceremony. One of Michael’s work friends said that if he could do his again, he would have had a humanist ceremony like that. So meaningful, he welled up.

Thank you again, for all that you did throughout the process and on the day. I will always remember your kindness and will cherish the memory of the ceremony.’ Lynsey


Kerry and Matt – Saturday 5th August 2017 – The Old Rectory, Sheffield


‘First of all I wanted to say thank you so much for organising and running the ceremony so brilliantly. It made our day that much more special. So many people commented on how amazing the humanist ceremony was, so you may have some people contact you. Perhaps, when we have little ones of our own, we will be in touch about naming ceremonies! Warmest regards, Matt and Kerry’


Jess and Craig – Sunday 30th July 2017 – Didsbury House and Eleven Didsbury Park, Manchester


‘The ceremony was beyond our wildest dreams. I can’t tell you the number of people who came up to us saying it was the best ceremony they had ever been to, the most personal, and filled with so much genuine emotion. One of our close friends messaged me the next day to say that we were the couple everybody wanted to be and it was the ceremony and wedding that every couple wanted to have. So much of that was your doing, coordination, delivery on the day and beautiful writing. Craig and I agree that choosing you as our Humanist Celebrant was the best decision we made!’

Jess and Craig


Lizzy and Mark – Saturday 29th July 2017 – Craven Cruck Barn, Appletreewick
‘Throughout the whole of the process of our wedding Hannah has been a delightful, warm, cheerful and wise guide. She had a real talent for getting to the root of what we wanted to capture, taking our answers to her planning questionnaires and using them to craft a beautiful humanist ceremony that reflected our ideals to the letter, but which also kept our guests entertained and engaged. We chose a humanist ceremony because we don’t hold to any dogma and wanted something truly personal. Hannah’s skill and experience gave us just that.


But behind the brilliance of the ceremony lies a lot of hard work that guests don’t see. The messages and meetings we have had with her have always been practical and insightful, but she never loses an opportunity to put people at ease – from the first conversation there was never any doubt that we could trust her with such an important moment in our lives. Even in the hours after our vows, she continued to look out for us, making our day go as brilliantly as it possibly could have. We could have gone for a cheap, registry office wedding, but we have never regretted the investment we made in hiring Hannah to build our wedding. We wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in recommending her. She is brilliant.’ Lizzy and Mark


Hannah and Pete – Saturday 15th July 2017 – ‘The Gathering’, Edale

‘Well our feet have just about touched the ground (just about!) and we wanted to thank you with all of our hearts for everything you have done for us: for guiding us through the pre-wedding process with warmth and good humour; crafting the most personal and touching humanist wedding ceremony; completely bossing the whole organisational thing and corralling our rag-tag bunch of friends into a slickly oiled wedding machine and then delivering the ceremony itself, which – no word of a lie – every single person I spoke to afterwards mentioned how much they enjoyed.


I’m sure you must be used to the compliments by now, but really, everyone said it was either the favourite ceremony they had heard/the most personal/the most touching or all of the above. It was also really lovely that you were able to chat to people afterwards, as I know there were a lot of people curious about humanism.


Pete and I were equally delighted with the humanist ceremony and even though we had read the draft, were able to listen as if hearing it for the first time. The way you told our stories was very touching and people were very surprised to hear that we hadn’t actually known you all of our lives, because they thought it reflected us so well.


You also managed to make us two shy people relish (almost!) the experience of standing in front of everyone we know – no mean feat indeed!

Thank you so much again – we will miss your bubbly emails – do drop us a line if you are ever around and want to say hi. All the best with your continued work and we wish you many more heartfelt ceremonies to come!

Hannah and Pete x’


Claire and Tom – Saturday 30th June 2017 – Great John St Hotel, Manchester

‘When we booked our wedding we assumed we would have a standard Registrar’s service. However, when we looked at the options of wording available we realised that we wanted a much more meaningful and personal way of making our commitment to each other. One of my best friends had had a humanist service several years ago and it was she who suggested we look into it as an option. After doing some research we thought that it sounded interesting but didn’t know if it was something which was for us. We found Hannah through a google search and I had a call with her. She soon dispelled any concerns we had that this was some sort of ‘hippy’ option and explained the detailed and personal nature of the service to us.

Over the coming months Hannah set up regular ‘homework’ in the form of questions and answers went between us via email. After a huge amount of work on her behalf she sent us through our draft ceremony and we both had a tear in our eye (my husband is an ex boxer so crying isn’t something he is given to!) as we were so overwhelmed by how perfect for us it was and how full of meaning.

Hannah managed the whole event so beautifully and ensured that everyone had rehearsed and knew exactly what they were meant to be doing and when. On the day we all felt relaxed and knew we were in good hands. The humanist ceremony was fantastic with readings from our children and friends, a tying the knot ceremony, lots of stories about our first meeting and our relationship and what had brought us to our wedding day and lots of emotion and laughs.

After the ceremony, our guests told us how blown away they had been by the whole experience. Most of them had never even heard of a humanist ceremony (as we hadn’t before my friend had mentioned it to us) and all thought it was a wonderful way of making our commitment. Our friends who got married 6 months before us said they wished they had know about it as they thought it far outshone the registrar service they had had! Several guests told us it was the most loving and joyful wedding they had been to.

We are so happy that we found Hannah and that we made the choice to have this ceremony. Her ability to marry professionalism and warmth are what made it such a perfect choice for us. It was so individual to us and was far better than we ever hoped for. We miss her emails and just wish we could do it all again!

Claire and Tom’
‘Everyone was so full of admiration for the beautiful humanist service and several of the male guests admitted to shedding a tear. We have been talking and agree that it was all so much more beautiful and personal than we ever imagined. Thank you so much for all your care, dedication, professionalism and warmth. Claire Xxxx’ Message sent after ceremony.

‘Hannah, THIS IS AMAZING. Just so beautiful – so, so, much more than I had hoped. I have no clue at all how I’m going to manage on the day. Thank you so much – it will be the most fantastic wedding!’ Message sent on receiving first draft.


Claire and Niall – Friday 10th June 2017 – ‘Craigmar’, North Yorkshire

‘We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Hannah if you are looking for a non religious but personal, heartfelt, light hearted yet moving ceremony. Right from the start and the initial phone call she made us feel at ease and she was organised and professional throughout – helping us quickly with anything we needed, including a practice run, and pointing us in the right direction. Hannah asks you a series of questions about each other and your relationship. Then from your own words, crafts a wonderful emotional journey through your relationship to the present day, and beyond, knitting in humour, key milestones, random facts and anything else you throw her way.

We cannot begin to say how pleased we were with the end result – it was absolutely perfect.  Hannah delivered the humanist ceremony with the right amount of gravitas, but with warmth and humour. She involved key people in the room both before and during the ceremony so it really felt like a team effort. There was laughter, tears, smiles and joy all round. Our friends and family were bowled over with the ceremony – they felt it was so “us” and captured us as a couple perfectly. One relation even said that she would do the same if she had her time again.

Thank you Hannah. Claire and Niall x’

‘Thanks so much for this and also the ceremony – it really was amazing and so many people have commented on how much they enjoyed it. One relation even said she’d have the same thing if she could do it again! Everyone thought it captured the essence of us as a couple and it had everything – laughter, tears and joy!
We both thought it was the best way possible for us to celebrate our marriage and it set up what was a fantastic day with everyone.
Thank you! And also for your trip over to do the rehearsal on the Friday.
Claire and Niall x’


Jen and Jon – Saturday 3rd June 2017 – Craven Cruck Barn, Appletreewick

‘Choosing a wedding celebrant seemed like an impossible task – we both knew deep down that we really wouldn’t know if we’d made the right choice until the wedding was over. Yes, we had some cheaper quotes, but after a long and lovely chat with Hannah over the phone we decided to trust our instincts, and booked her for our wedding. BEST. DECISION. EVER!

Our humanist ceremony was personal, emotional and warm, and crucially for us, it included everything we wanted it to, and nothing we didn’t. We were both surprised at how much we enjoyed the ‘tasks’ that Hannah set us along the way in creating the ceremony – they gave us a break from manic party planning and an opportunity to reflect on each other and all the reasons that we were getting married for. Her dedication was so obvious throughout the whole process; she was always there with a friendly text or email response to the tiniest questions, and amazing at teasing out details and information that wasn’t always immediately obvious to us as being important!

Hannah’s advice to treat the separate legal ceremony as the same chance to step back, reflect and relax together was spot on – our ‘legalities’ the week before the wedding took around 15 minutes witnessed by a couple of good friends, who we celebrated over pizza and wine with afterwards. It was the perfect way to get ready for what we both saw as the ‘main event’ the following Saturday. On the day, we couldn’t have asked for a more calming presence than Hannah’s to make us both feel at ease, and guide everyone and everything into place without fuss.

Lots of our family and friends (including the usually unimpressed, super-cool, and picky types) said that they were surprised at how much they enjoyed that part of our day. We’re lucky enough to be close friends with an amazing (and extremely critical) professional cellist, who played during our ceremony. He quite literally goes to hundreds of weddings every year, so when he told us that our humanist ceremony, and Hannah as the celebrant, were the best he’s ever seen, we knew we’d nailed it!

Thank you Hannah, for playing such a big part in making our wedding day the warm, fun, relaxed celebration of ‘us’ that it was.’ Jen and Jon

‘We’re on Cloud 9! Yesterday was the best EVER. Thank you so much for everything. The ceremony was just perfection – we were both completely blown away. Everyone needs you at their wedding! We don’t have enough words to thank you enough. xxx’ Text following ceremony.

‘We just wanted to say thank you for the humanist ceremony on Saturday. It was truly wonderful.
It was a fantastic day and now we all feel very flat!!
Kind regards, Debbie and Howard’ Message from Jen’s mum.


Laura and Ben – Friday 2nd June 2017 – Victoria Baths, Manchester

‘I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you. We had the best day and the ceremony was perfect. We had so many people commenting on how lovely and personal the humanist ceremony was and how well it was delivered by yourself. Thanks again. Best wishes, Laura’


Becky and Ric – Monday 17th April 2017 – Sandhole Oak Barn, Cheshire

‘Ric and I can’t thank you enough for enabling us to create our perfect wedding day. Choosing to have a humanist ceremony was absolutely the right decision: it allowed us to personalise our ceremony entirely and ensure everything included was truly meaningful to and right for us. For us, the humanist ceremony was the centre point of the day: the main event, the most important and symbolic – our true wedding ceremony. So being able to make it our own was crucial. You gathered all the right information and put so much effort in to crafting a beautiful ceremony, allowing us freedom to input and adapt as well, which was perfect. It flowed and built momentum, tastefully and with all the gravitas a wedding ceremony should. We were able to include people close to us as well. It really was the epitome of bespoke, and consequently meant all the more. We will treasure the words of our wedding forever, knowing they were just for us and true to us. The vows we made to each other in our humanist ceremony were unquestionably our wedding vows.

I had concerns about having both ceremonies on the day, but the humanist ceremony was so clearly the important, focal, conclusive ceremony that actually it wasn’t a problem at all. I have no doubt our guests saw the humanist as the real wedding: so many people have commented on how it was the best wedding they’ve been to, even after 40 years of wedding attendances. Another guest said she wished she’d known humanist ceremonies were an option.

Not only are we delighted we decided to go with the humanist ceremony, but also that we chose you as our Humanist Celebrant. You guided us beautifully, not only in writing the ceremony, but in putting together wonderful vows and listening to our opinions. I was especially impressed with the amount of thought and consideration you gave to our ceremony, and planning the flow of time around the ceremony as well. You counselled us about the day, helped us in our times of concern of how others might see things, and gave great and wise insight in to the process, which I was especially grateful for. I am so, so impressed and happy we chose you. It was just wonderful, and wouldn’t have been had the ceremony not been so perfect.

I think the work you put in around the ceremony goes in to making the whole day better too: relaxed, happy couples who understand and know what they’re doing, why, and have been able to craft their own wedding (with your expert help) are always going to have a more positive, meaningful experience. And on the day you were relaxed, confident, helpful, flexible, funny, the utmost professional. Just brilliant. Even my Mum – a big sceptic – was happy. And that probably says it all.

Thank you so much, we couldn’t have asked for more from you. It was a dream. So, so, so very worth it. You should charge more!!
Our fondest wishes, Becky and Ric’


Lou and Dave – Saturday 8th April 2017 – Beechenhill Farm, Ilam, Derbyshire

‘Thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful and unique humanist ceremony. From day one we knew we were in safe hands. We spoke to a few different celebrants but were so impressed with Hannah’s professionalism and enthusiasm that we knew she was the one for us. We were not disappointed! From start to finish Hannah was fantastic – from her impressive organisation, to her expert guidance, to her pep talks, reassurance and calm approach, we could not have asked for more. We have had so many compliments on the ceremony from friends and family, many of whom had never been to a humanist ceremony before, and some of whom have said they would choose a humanist ceremony for themselves because of it! We cannot thank you enough Hannah!

Best wishes Lou and Dave’

‘We couldn’t be happier with how the ceremony went so massive thanks from the bottom of our hearts!’ Message sent after ceremony.

‘This is absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you so much. It’s amazing how seamlessly you have woven together our words and integrated them into the general flow of the ceremony.’ Message sent on receiving first draft.