YTD wedding ceremonies

Weddings can easily be about everything but the ceremony. Yet many clients say that their humanist wedding ceremony becomes the most important part of their whole day. That’s because with a Your Three Days wedding you’re involved in a unique creative method from the beginning of the process. There isn’t another humanist wedding Celebrant offering the same combination of choices I do.

Whatever vision you have, together we can design a beautiful wedding, partnership or commitment ceremony that fits you perfectly. One that tells your story, encapsulating your relationship and summing up your hopes for your future together.

All my humanist wedding, partnership and commitment ceremonies are entirely bespoke: from the warm welcome, to the beautiful vows and the moving closing words. With a Your Three Days wedding, you know you’re investing in a truly individual experience. 10+ years of experience have enabled me to develop an approach, passion and quality all my own.

As my testimonials promise, your guests will be talking about it for the rest of the day: how true it was to you as a couple, how delightful, emotional and thought-provoking it was and how they’ve never had such an authentic ceremony experience.

Do get in touch. Let’s start making your vision a reality.