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Bespoke well-wishings for ceremonies, events or as a gift

Many of us seek that extra certain something to make an important event, occasion or celebration even more memorable. Often, an experience will win over the material; the personal outshines the commonplace.

My bespoke well-wishings are original pieces of writing, often kept as a surprise, created by a unique Your Three Days creative method. Whilst others might interview you or produce a form, my approach is far more personal, intuitive and thoughtful. Essentially I collect different loved ones’ viewpoints on the same subject – maybe a couple getting married, an anniversary or significant birthday – and then I write with those individual contributor’s actual words, composed in their own time and with all the support they need.

As my testimonials show, it’s one of the many reasons why a Your Three Days well-wishing is a wonderful way, both individually and collectively, to pause, reflect, laugh and perhaps even shed a happy tear.

Whether featuring at the end of a ceremony of any kind, mid wedding reception or given as a gift in a card or frame to mark a birthday or wedding anniversary in style, a Your Three Days well-wishing is as rewarding and remarkable as it is versatile. In fact, they can be adapted to almost any occasion.