Bespoke well-wishings: a tribute, a surprise, a present

Many of us seek that extra certain something to make an important event, occasion or celebration even more memorable. Often, an experience will win over the material; the personal outshines the commonplace.

My bespoke well-wishings are original pieces of writing created by a unique Your Three Days creative method. Whilst others might interview you or produce a form, my testimonials show my approach to be far more personal, intuitive and thoughtful. This usually means I collect nominated loved ones’ viewpoints on the same subject, which could be almost anything. You could hire me to write in honour of a couple getting married, for example. Or you, or a loved one, might have a special anniversary or significant birthday to celebrate. No matter what the occasion, there will likely be a well-wishing to suit.

Once I know our theme, I can recommend the best way of gathering the information we need so I can write. Family and friends who are nominated are invariably so pleased to be called on to contribute. Consequently the whole experience becomes about so much more than just the end result. I then write with those individual contributor’s actual words, composed in their own time and with all the support they need.

A bespoke well-wishing might feature at the end of a ceremony of any kind, held in any setting. It might be performed mid wedding reception, by a couple, family or friends. Presented in a card or frame to mark a birthday or wedding anniversary, they never fail to make a stylish gift.

A Your Three Days well-wishing is a rare opportunity, individually and collectively, to reflect, laugh and perhaps even shed a happy tear. Often kept as a surprise, they are as rewarding and remarkable as they are versatile.