YTD Celebrations of Adoption

Celebrations of Adoption are some of my favourite ceremonies to design, write and lead as a humanist Celebrant. They often involve a particularly inspiring story. To the remarkable families I work for, they usually mean so much. They always inspire a particularly strong emotional reaction both in those directly involved and those bearing witness on the day.

It may be that a humanist naming ceremony is not quite what you need. However, you would still like to be able to take stock, reflect and mark this joyful moment in a significant and meaningful way with your loved ones. I can help do just that with a Your Three Days Celebration of Adoption. Together, we can tell the unique story of how your family came to be: where your journey began, all that has happened along the way and how your lives have been transformed by your child joining you.

So no matter who you are and what your story is, let’s have a conversation about how we can best do that story justice. My testimonials will hopefully have already given you a sense of what’s possible with a bespoke humanist ceremony. I think you deserve the most fulfilling occasion I can create for you.