YTD memorial ceremonies

Many people will already be familiar with the standard offer of certain range of types of funeral when a loved one dies, perhaps with a formal memorial service at a later date. Over time, I’ve discussed this with many clients, families and friends that I’ve worked for and with. I’ve come to realise that there is often a need for a more personal, considered and shared experience to play a part of the grieving process.

When you have just lost someone you love, the many decisions that need to be swiftly made can be overwhelming. As a result, it is often hard to feel you have done your loved one justice and I know this can be troubling. When the time is right, I can help.

I offer bespoke memorial ceremonies, usually conducted in a familiar setting, such as at home or a much loved location. Led in a way that is warm, inclusive and still entirely respectful, my aim is to bring everyone together. Whilst each person finds solace in their own ways, clients often tell me my ceremonies feel more accessible than many available alternatives.

Often in these situations, there has been little opportunity for any proper reflection, discussion and expression. The unique creative process I would guide you and your loved ones through would very much encourage all these essential elements. We would draw on happier times, memories shared and defining moments. As we gather the information we need, we will likely explore both individual and collective experiences for inspiration.

Our aim would be to create a non-religious memorial ceremony that helps you to heal. It would be an opportunity for all concerned to be able to put into words what they want to. It would be life-affirming, in just the right way.