YTD naming ceremonies

Many parents are increasingly aware they have a choice when it comes to celebrating their child’s arrival in a meaningful way: a humanist naming ceremony. It is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all your child means to you. To share in your hopes for their future and your joy with family and friends.

Every family I’ve worked for has been so different. Therefore the humanist naming ceremonies I have designed have been equally distinctive. Rather than gathering information in one interview, I guide each client through a far more productive and enjoyable process. Perhaps as well as naming your son or daughter, we might also include their siblings within the celebration too. This way we’ll embrace your whole family and make everyone feel a part of things. Other important people can be involved as well, such as grandparents and guide-parents or guardians, making your day even more poignant and personal. There isn’t another humanist naming Celebrant offering the same combination of choices I do.

As my testimonials confirm, this unique creative approach means that the experience of developing a Your Three Days naming is as original, enjoyable and meaningful as the ceremony on the day. I know there will likely be endless demands on you as a parent. However I can support you in taking the precious time you need to reflect, discuss and turn your story into words. Every effort is worth making to do that story, your child and your family justice. Together, we can create a script, an experience and a memory that will not only delight but will also endure.

If you would like to explore how we might achieve that for you and your family, do get in touch.