April and Matt – 6th August 2011 – at the family home


We chose Hannah to be our humanist celebrant as she was very enthusiastic, kind and personable. We instantly clicked. Hannah listened to our views regarding the kind of wedding ceremony that we wanted and produced a lovely script that exceeded our expectations. Throughout the whole wedding planning process, she was very supportive and always willing to give an opinion when we needed one! We would recommend her wholeheartedly to any couple considering a humanist wedding ceremony. April and Matt


Alistair and Sarah – 2nd July 2011 – on a farm, Uppingham


We knew 10 minutes after meeting you that you would be the perfect person to work with us to make our wedding the day we had dreamed of. We did meet other people but didn’t get the same wonderful feeling that we got when we sat down and got to know each other. Thank you so much for what did before and on the big day. You made the occasion emotional, meaningful and happy. We will never forget it. Alistair


Liz and Chris – 2nd June 2011 – Granchester meadows, Cambridge


‘Thank you so much for being our celebrant. It was perfect and we don’t think we could have found a better person. You really understood what we were looking for and delivered it perfectly. Thank you very, very much. Liz’


‘As soon as Hannah picked up the phone I knew she was the humanist celebrant for us. Warm, funny, interested and open to our own ideas and suggestions, she immediately understood what we wanted from our ceremony and did a perfect job of realising it on the day. With Hannah’s guidance we were able to create a ceremony that had true meaning and was completely unique to us. Liz and Chris’


Kay and Andy – 7th May 2011 – Chimes Café, Ashbourne


‘What an amazing ceremony, everybody has in some words commented in our guest book how it moved them in all some way. You were amazing, so professional and perfect with your words, even with my beautiful niece dancing behind you at times. We cannot thank you enough for making our day with our family and friends perfect. Kay’


‘I know Kay has already emailed our thanks but I just also wanted to say thank you. The script was fantastic and incredibly emotional, everyone really loved it but no one more than Kay and I. Thank you also for reassuring me before the ceremony. It really helped. Andy’


‘Both Andy and myself were looking for a ceremony that captured the emotions of our family and friends, something that was unique to US and portrayed a sense of what we are about. Neither of us are religious and felt it would be inappropriate for our service to have that involvement, we were also certain that our blessing needed to be in a setting that was emotionally attached to us both. Our search began with researching celebrants and humanism, something that Andy had already taken an interest in some years ago and this search led us to Hannah. After previous phone calls to other celebrants in which I did not really connect with, I rang Hannah and immediately I felt inspired, motivated and assured that our ceremony meant as much to Hannah as it did us. What was most important to us is that we wanted guidance and support to help make our day what we had always wanted, our story, the journey we had travelled along together regardless of the pain that at times we endured and Hannah was able to capture this in true spirit. One of the most special things for us was the involvement and parts our family and friends played in all of this and how important Hannah made them feel. How many people can say that the opening line to their wedding ceremony was that of how their best friend was who we had to thank for Andy and I falling in love? It was the little things like this that helped tell the story and throughout the planning process with Hannah made us realise what it was that we loved so much about each other, but sometimes just forget to say. Hannah fulfilled every expectation that we had had, even more and the day itself was ‘perfect’. Even with the heavy rain after heavy rain, I knew that by 4pm it would stop, and it did. Kay and Andy’


Nikki and Doug – 30th April 2011 – Glyfada, Greece


We loved the ceremony and loads of our guests have commented on how much they enjoyed it. Nikki and Doug