Anoob and Deborah – 29th December 2012 – Victoria Hall, Saltaire


We wanted to take a moment or two to contact you and say a heartfelt thanks for your warmth, humour and patience in guiding us through creating our own personal wedding ceremony and vows. We were delighted, moved and inspired by what you crafted from our words and on the day the whole experience of hearing and speaking them was profoundly meaningful and joyful. So many of our guests spoke to us about how much they loved the humanist ceremony and how many of them had shed a tear…which was in no small part down to you. Many, many thanks. Love Deb and Anoob. X


Claire and Kim – 22nd December 2012 – The Waterside Hotel, Didsbury


I will take more time to write after Christmas, but I just wanted to send you a quick line to thank you. Employing your services was without a doubt the money best spent on our wedding. Thank you so much for all your time, effort and enthusiasm for our day. Claire


Emma and Paul – 6th October 2012 – Hotel Maiyango, Leicester


Hello Hannah,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, haven’t stopped since this weekend!! We would like to say a massive THANK YOU! Saturday was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for anything better! Everyone commented on how personal the humanist ceremony was and how it was lovely! Even Paul said that he thought it was nicer than the “actual marriage”. Words really aren’t enough to express how much Saturday meant to us! It really was a magical day. Thank you again for everything you did for us, in the ceremony and before in getting everyone organised! Do you have a website where I can write all brilliant things?


Mr & Mrs B 🙂


Sian and Chris – 22nd September 2012 – Newton House, Derbyshire


Thank you so much for such a lovely, personal ceremony – it really was perfect. We really appreciate the time you took to get to know us and to make the ceremony so personal – it made it very special and the whole ceremony felt very ‘us’. Lots of our friends and family were very touched by the ceremony and your beautiful words – there were definitely a few tears! Thank you too for your professional and calming presence on the day – you certainly helped everything to run smoothly. It has been a pleasure to meet you and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a celebrant.


Louise and Toby – 16th September 2012 – Hollin Hall Country House Hotel, Stockport


Hi Hannah,

Just over a week in to my marriage and I’m only just sitting down for long enough to be able to reply! Thank you so much from both of us. I really can’t thank you enough 🙂 People are still talking about the humanist ceremony. It was the perfect day in every way.


I should be getting my pictures back over the next few days so I’ll send you a couple over.



Martin and Beci – 14th September 2012 – Chester Zoo


‘Hannah, you were fabulous and everything we wanted. Thank you sooooooo much for being our celebrant and so lovely. We’ll forward on pictures when we get back from honeymoon. Xx’


‘It’s been over a year since our wedding and I know that I remember our vows as though they were said 5 minutes ago.  I can’t remember the exact words (although I have them written down too, an added bonus that most couples don’t get!) but they are the threads which make up our relationship and we live them every day; they summed up exactly what we mean to each other and what we stand for as a couple.  The process you took us through brought back so many memories and it was not only wonderful but helpful to share that with each other after 11 years together.  That was down to your careful guidance through what we wanted and then you expertly set the scene on the day.  You even handled everything from the little people and grandparents to the lions and peacocks competing for attention with aplomb and poise!  Thank you so much. Beci’


Natalie and Chris – 8th September 2012 – Penybanc Farm, Carmarthenshire


Hi Hannah

We’re sat at the airport waiting for our flight to Bali. We just wanted to say thank you so very much for an incredible humanist ceremony. It was absolutely magical and everyone kept saying all day how much they loved it. Your help and support these past few months has been so wonderful and really paid off on the day. Thank you for being there to tell our story and guide us through such an emotional, special moment that we’ll never forget.


Much love and thanks


Chris and Natalie


Alice and Pete – 1st September 2012 – Sabine Hey, Derbyshire


Hi Hannah,

Sorry for delay in reply! We’ve been basking in our marriedness! You did an awesome job so thank you for that!!

Thanks again. You’ve got yours to look forward to now. It’s brilliant 🙂


Lots of love

Alice and Pete xx


Alan and Kathy – 24th August 2012 – ‘The Endeavour’, Whitby


Wow ! I’ll say that again WOW ! What a fab day !! In planning our wedding, we contacted a number of Humanist Celebrants but just didn’t get the right feeling from them. From the first time chatting to Hannah on the phone, there was an immediate connection and we knew she was the one who could make our dream day a reality. She said “It’s a mad cap idea” and we were “bonkers” but she threw herself into it completely. We had already hired the venue in Whitby (the Endeavour boat replica) and fingers were firmly crossed for a sunny day. So after many email exchanges between us and a meeting we felt as though we were having our friend conduct our wedding ceremony and very confident she knew just what we wanted, a one-off and very personal ceremony to us. The big day came and so did the rain! In buckets! A fast contingency plan formed but amazingly the rain stopped just before we were due to board the boat and the sun came out to shine on us all. Hannah conducted our wedding ceremony with readings given by our family, and injected the upbeat, celebration feel that we hoped for. We simply couldn’t have asked for more. We really enjoyed the process of the ‘getting to know you’ and were delighted with the wedding script which totally reflected our relationship with an appropriate balance between seriousness and lots of laughter. We now kind of miss responding to Hannah’s ‘getting to know you’ emails – some were easy to answer, some make you think, but the result is a truly personal Humanist ceremony that reflects your relationship and personality.


Give her a ring…… it’ll be the best call you make!!!!! Alan and Kathy


Jules and Ric – 17th August 2012 – Pinewood Hotel, Cheshire


Without you, this day was not possible…without you we’d never have started down this path and I’d have saved £300 hiding blue chairs! Yet with you we had our best day ever. With you we had grown men crying, children laughing and a royal guard of honour. With you, we had a wedding so perfect to everything our family needed that we were relaxed from the moment we all woke up; and so we were able to witness, enjoy and remember every second of our ceremony.


Thank you Hannah, from the bottom of 4 very, very happy hearts.



Ric, Jules, Rose and Lowry


Tom and Kirsty – 11th August 2012 – Chadkirk Chapel (deconsecrated), Stockport


Hi Hannah,

Thanks so much for making yesterday what it was. Everyone commented on the humanist ceremony, saying how beautiful and personal it was. We were both really pleased with it and had a beautiful day. You made us so relaxed and made the process an easy and enjoyable one. We wish you all the very best for your wedding and will most certainly recommend you. Many thanks again,

Best wishes


Kirsty and Tom xx


Sally and Sean – 5th August 2012 – Whirlowbrook Hall, Sheffield



Huge, huge, huge thanks for Sunday. You were amazing and we were 100% over the moon with your work. You truly made the ceremony ours and we will never be able to thank you enough for everything you did. You are definitely in the perfect job for your talents and we would recommend you to anyone! 🙂


Will email when we get home and look forward to talking again.


Love and best wishes till then,

S, S & S



Rhea and Doug – Saturday 28th July 2012 – Nether Burrows Farm, Derbyshire


Hi Hannah,

I hope we both showed our gratitude to you on the day, but I’d just like to reiterate how much we appreciate the time and thought you put into preparing the script, and the professionalism and warmth with which you conducted the humanist ceremony. We had so many lovely comments from our guests about the ceremony. It had such a personal touch that people assumed you knew us well or that we had written it ourselves.


We’ve attached a couple of photos for you and we do have more if you’d like them…


Thank you again,


Rhea and Doug


Ruth and Jon – 21st July 2012 – in the woods of Scraptoft Hill Farm, Leicester


Hannah, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating an amazing wedding ceremony. The ceremony was so personal and perfectly captured who we are and what marriage means to us. It was such a relief to find someone who could convey romance and love without, as we put it, “the cheese factor”. Throughout the whole process you made us feel like we had your undivided attention and were very patient with our last minute approach! We had such positive feedback from our guests, some who have been to humanist wedding and some who had never heard of them. They all said how fantastic the ceremony was, and how refreshing it was to feel part of the ceremony.


Thanks again, it was a wonderful ceremony.


Ruth & Jon


Helen and Pierre – 30th June 2012 – Lower Damgate Farm, Derbyshire


Dear Hannah,


Thank you for your calming influence and beautifully written words. It was an emotional and deeply personal experience for us and our family and friends. Lots of guests have said they would now consider a similar ceremony so there can be no bigger compliment!


Helen & Pierre xx


Danielle and Jay – 23rd June 2012 – at the family home


Thank you so much for such an intelligent, very personalised and emotional ceremony. It was truly wonderful how you made each and every one of us feel such a special part of it. I think for me amongst all the praise and wonderful comments from all present the most telling surely must be from Marc, our sixteen year old son, who was so moved and touched by it all. He said ‘I am absolutely definitely having a humanist celebrant to do my own wedding. I wish I could have Hannah.’ A lot of mouths dropped and eyebrows raised as he is yet to find himself a girlfriend let alone one willing to marry him! So Hannah for so inspiring and motivating my son, which takes some doing, and for your professionalism and warmth and wonderful care of us all on the big day a HUGE “Thank You”.


P.S I couldn’t believe how the one thing we all most dreaded (raining during the open air ceremony) thanks to you handling it with complete and utter professionalism and flair, we all felt it actually enhanced the whole thing it was actually quite delightful and just so funny and British. We will be laughing and smiling about that for a long, long time.

Debbie (Danielle’s mum) x


Amy and Eric – 8th June 2012 – Goldsborough Hall, North Yorkshire


‘Oh Hannah, that was the best day of our life and it started with the most incredible humanist ceremony. I must say that even though we had already read the script, we were blown away with how it felt to actually do the ceremony and the reaction it provoked in our friends and families. Everyone after talked about how emotional, personal and ‘us’ the ceremony was. And no one even enquired about the legality – it was the perfect way for us to get married.


So thank you thank you thank you – you were the best decision we made regarding how we wanted our wedding day to be.


Big hugs,

The G-P couple ;)’ Email from Amy and Eric


‘You are a true star! You should hear the feedback re the ceremony, it is outstanding. We all agree that the decision to go with a humanist ceremony was absolutely correct, the decision to go with Hannah W-G was a stroke of genius. You are such a warm, humorous and sincere celebrant with an abundance of social skills who could not have failed to have had us crying, laughing and profoundly moved throughout the whole event. My first words to Don after the ceremony were, “I want her for my funeral!” Not that you’ll have a body to deal with (that’s going to science), but my remaining essence will feel content having you round off my life with your excellent narration.


On a more political/religious/social science point I think you will have made a lot of people think about the humanist perspective and perhaps provoke some debate, possibly even a change of view. But returning to A&E’s wedding you welded together such a potent mix of joy and sincerity that everyone felt that they were part of something quite special. Many people said they had never experienced such a wonderful ceremony (including their own weddings).


With such a fantastic beginning the day just went from one fabulous thing to another. Amy and Eric in particular, but also all who were present (even the string quartet were crying!) want to say an enormous thank you for the best researched and most touching humanist ceremony possible.


Thank you from the bottom/middle/top of my heart.

Rosie x


ps With Polly Toynbee as the president of the British Humanist Association, I’ve been meaning to join for a while, after Friday I’m definitely going to do it.’ Message from Amy’s mum, Rosie.


Jane and Russ – 2nd June 2012 – at home


Dear Hannah,

Our wedding day was so special because of you. You eloquently and sincerely portrayed our feelings, relationship and love for each other. Because of you the ceremony was perfect in every way. We cannot thank you enough,

Jane and Russ xx


Stuart and Matilda – 5th May 2012 – Rutland


We just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful job you did with our ceremony. We were so happy with how it all went and that was largely down to you. We were delighted with how it all turned out and had lots of comments from our friends and family about how lovely and personal the ceremony was. You made us both feel very much at ease which allowed us to enjoy it all the more and I know that Stu was very appreciative of your help before the ceremony as he was very nervous and he told me that you were great at helping with our guests and getting everyone to the marquee. All your lovely emails beforehand really helped us to enjoy the build up to the day and really made our ceremony feel like it had our voices behind it. We are so pleased that we managed to find such a thoughtful, helpful, kind and professional person to help us make our vows on such an important day. We can’t thank you enough for helping make our day as special as it was-it was perfect and we couldn’t be happier.


CJ and Graham – 21st April 2012 – Suffolk


‘Awww! I just read it! Am now crying with the boiler repair man wondering what on earth is wrong with me. It’s beautiful and spot on. I don’t want to change any of it! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to share this ceremony with everyone. I feel like I want to contact everyone in advance to make sure they really listen on the day! Those words beat everything. It’s the best bit of the wedding by a mile.’ Text from bride CJ on acceptance of the first draft of their wedding script.


‘When we started our search for a humanist celebrant we knew exactly what we wanted: someone who could make our ceremony personal to us with the right amount of fun and celebration mixed in with the serious bits! We quickly realised that that combination wasn’t the norm (although you’d expect it to be). Thank goodness we found Hannah’s website! Within 3 emails we knew we had to have her! She had such a lovely way with words and a great sense of humour to top it all off! We felt instantly comfortable; it was like emailing a friend. When we met Hannah for the first time we left our meeting really excited. We were buzzing the whole way home, chatting about how pleased we were to have been lucky enough to find such a brilliant person to be part (quite a big part) of our day. Helping Hannah with the details she needed to write the ceremony was really fun…I don’t want to give too much away to potential brides and grooms because it really was a lovely process that we both enjoyed. On the day we were completely blown away. The humanist ceremony Hannah had created for us was perfect. She had 140 people laughing and crying in the all the right places and as far as Graham and I are concerned, we will never be able to recreate such an amazing 30 minutes! After the ceremony Hannah stuck around to talk to our guests and she made a big impression. We have had so many lovely compliments on the ceremony and specifically Hannah. Lots of our friends assumed we had known her for years. Strangely, we feel like have! I can’t speak highly enough of Hannah and the personal service she offers. It’s totally unique and brilliant and although I don’t want to share her I do think that everyone should meet her while considering what sort of ceremony to have, regardless of the event…I know that if Graham and I have children she will be our first port of call for the naming ceremony! Thank you, thank you, thank you Hannah for everything! You’re ace! Mrs A (he he!!) xxxx.’ CJ and Graham


Paul and Saskia – 31st March 2012 – a tipi in Warwickshire


Just wanted to say how happy we were with everything you did for us. We loved the ceremony so much and many of our friends loved it so much they are considering humanist ceremonies themselves (we will of course forward through your details). Be in touch when we are back, Paul and Saskia x. Email from Paul and Saskia, newlyweds on honeymoon.