Liz and Steve – Friday 9th December 2016 – Victoria Warehouse, Manchester


‘Hi Hannah


Where on earth do I begin? There are not enough superlatives to describe how we feel both about the ceremony you gave us and yourself as a person. The humanist ceremony was everything we had dreamed of and to say that is quite something. The whole process was wonderful and we looked forward to our ‘homework’ every time, we saved it to do on a nice evening with a glass of wine and became an incredibly enjoyable part of the run up.


I was bowled over by the compliments I received about the ceremony and yourself. I personally was not surprised but to some people I feel it was a revelation to see that a humanist wedding can be so personal and also humorous. Many people who I knew less well said they really felt like they knew Steve and I and how we are as a couple as a result, which is lovely.


In addition your support to Steve and I has been invaluable, from your words of wisdom to bringing me warm bread rolls in my time of need (!) you are an absolute delight and we were honoured to have you conduct our ceremony.


I could go on and on and on and on and on but I won’t. Except to say that you are a marvelous person and did the most sensational job and for that we will be forever grateful. I do hope we cross paths in the future.


Hannah, it has been our absolute pleasure.


Liz and Steve xx’


Jess and James – Saturday 1st October 2016 – Wold Top Brewery, Yorkshire Wolds


‘Thank you so very much for everything! It really was the perfect ceremony for us – personal, sincere and beautifully delivered. It meant so much to hear it all come together with our family and friends as witnesses. To reiterate what we said on Saturday too, it has been a real pleasure to take this journey with you from the very start and you’ve helped make us really think about who we are and what is important to us.’


‘We just wanted to write to you and tell you again how much we loved the humanist ceremony you wrote and delivered for us. We had so many positive comments about how personal it was, how honest and how beautifully it came across. Apparently it had everyone in tears! We have (as you might expect) discussed the wedding LOTS while we’ve been away and continue to come back to the fact that we are so glad we found you and made the decision to prioritise the ceremony part of the day. It set the tone for a wonderful day to follow (not to mention setting the tone for the way we want to live our lives together).


Thank you so much for all your time, wisdom, sense and direction throughout the process.

Jess and James x’


Emily and Simon – Saturday 24th September 2016 – Northorpe Hall, West Yorkshire


We had a truly wonderful wedding and reading the script again takes us back to standing there in the barn feeling the love from all our friends and family. It’s taken us a while to process everything that happened over the course of the day and it wasn’t till we got the photos back that we could get a sense of what was going on around us. It’s also been nice to get lots of lovely feedback – and so many people have said what a special ceremony it was – thanks to you!

Best wishes,

Emily & Simon x


Jo and Sam – Saturday 17th September 2016 – Bolton Castle, Wensleydale


‘We can’t thank you enough. Thank you for sorting us all out and managing the ceremony; thank you for such a warm, funny and intimate ceremony; thank you for all your reassurance and care with us all. Sam’


‘Thank you SO much for everything. You’re brilliant – the humanist ceremony was everything we could have wished for. So many people told us it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been a part of. So much laughter and joy, and the odd tear! The perfect mix of love, sincerity and humour. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We’re so grateful to you for marrying us! And for kick starting the day and setting the tone for the rest of the celebrations. It was magical. Lots of love, Jo and Sam xxx’


Lauren and Ryan – Saturday 3rd September 2016 – Stydd Gardens, Ribble Valley


‘H. Best day of my life. No contest. Thank you SO much. xxxxx’ Text from groom.


Jocelyn and John – Saturday 6th August 2016 – deep in the Peak District


‘I’ve been meaning to email you for ages to say thank you (although that doesn’t quite seem like enough)  for everything you did! The wedding seems like a distant memory now, but still a really happy and special one.  We’ve had so many comments and compliments on the wedding and I firmly believe that people are being completely genuine when they say that it was the most beautiful and moving ceremony that they have ever been to.  I hope this doesn’t sound like a platitude but our day and in particular the humanist ceremony was everything we hoped it would be and so much more.  And you played such a big part in that so I just want to say from all of us THANK YOU!!


John, Jocelyn, Angus & Joni xxxxxxxx’


‘Hi Hannah,

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get in touch after Jossy and John’s wedding in Leek, but I did want to say a big “thank you” (again!) to you for making the occasion so memorable and special.  As you did with Laura and Paul last year, you absolutely captured the essence of their relationship in the humanist ceremony, composing something that was very personal to them. We were also very appreciative of the naming part of the ceremony for Angus and Joni – it was really perfect.  As we did last year, we had lots of compliments about what a lovely ceremony it was, which was all down to you.


It was very nice to see you again and we’re pleased that all is going well for you.  We were very delighted and proud that both our girls chose you to help them celebrate their marriages – and you can clearly guarantee the weather as it was absolutely beautiful for Laura and Paul last year and then again for Jossy and John this year! Perhaps you could make this a selling point!


Our very best wishes to you and all our thanks.


Chris and John’ (very proud parents twice times over!)


Diane and Francesca – Monday 1st August 2016 – The Cruck Barn, Appletreewick


‘For us the day could not have been better. So many people remarked on the humanist ceremony and how “us” it was, and that is all thanks to you and the script you put together. It was truly an emotional day and everyone said how touched they were by it. Francesca’s sister remarked that it was lovely to hear about our relationship in our words not just some predetermined phrases. Thank you so much for adapting the script at the last minute to include the FaceTime feed – my parents felt like they were really there and are incredibly grateful.


With warmest regards

Diane and Francesca’


‘Hello Hannah,

Thank you so much for including us in the ceremony for Diane and Francesca. Even though we could not be present we still felt a part of it. We both thought it was a beautiful ceremony and very moving. It summed them up very well and was very personal. The script is beautiful and we would like to thank you for sending it to us so promptly. We are very happy they picked you for their Celebrant.


Kind regards,

Jim and Cath’ (proud parents/parents in law)


Leigh and Tom – Saturday 23rd July 2016 – on a farm, North Yorkshire



Wow – what can we say! The humanist ceremony was absolutely beautiful. So many guests have commented on how it was the most personal ceremony they have ever been to and how much it reflected mine and Tom’s relationship and love for one another. You have been a star from start to finish – putting up with our last minute changes and being so patient and professional with us both.


The ceremony meant so much to us and to our families and friends. Thank you.


All our love

Leigh and Tom xxx


Claire and Shawn – Sunday 17th July 2016 – Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield


Hello Hannah,

Thank you so much for everything on Sunday! The ceremony went even better than we could have hoped for! We loved it, and so did everybody there. The whole day was fantastic – we got so lucky with the weather.


Speak soon!

Shawn and Claire


Jemma and Mark – Saturday 11th June 2016 – The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield


‘Hey Hannah,

We had an absolutely brilliant time yesterday and we received so many compliments and interested questions about the ceremony so thank you for doing such a wonderful job both on the day and in constructing the story.


Everything went perfectly so we couldn’t be happier with the day and it’s lovely to hear you say that the day lived up to your expectations. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time so that made it even more special for us.


We just wanted to respond to your email quickly to share our gratitude for the amazing job you did and for being so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. We loved it all.

Jem & Mark x’


‘Having experienced the great job Hannah had done at my sister’s wedding, it was an obvious choice to ask her to preside over my own wedding a few years later. My husband and I enjoyed working with Hannah to create our own, bespoke wedding service. It was fun to answer her questions and take some time to think about how we felt and capture that in words. Throughout the process of creating the ‘script’ Hannah was very supportive and encouraging, giving tips and examples whenever necessary so we were never left alone staring at a blank page! On the wedding day Hannah delivered a wonderful performance that all of our guests commented on, gushing over how interesting, personalised and enjoyable it had been. Many guests wanted to know all about her work too, so she graciously told them about it, which was a nice touch. She was a calm, professional presence on the day that helped to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony and made everybody’s life easier knowing that she had control. Overall we would highly recommend Hannah as a humanist Celebrant to anybody who wishes to have a tailor-made wedding ceremony that you’ll love on the day and remember forever.


Jemma and Mark’


Amanda and Cass – Friday 10th June 2016 – The Belle Epoque, Knutsford


Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for playing a huge part in making our day so memorable. To an absolute person, we have received glowing feedback on both you and the ceremony, which people feel was a real and genuine celebration of our relationship. On a personal level, it was an absolute pleasure working with you – you made it so easy and enjoyable. So a huge thank from us. We’ll always remember you and the day.


Kind regards,

Amanda, Cass, Harry and Alfie


Heather and Gerred – Saturday 4th June 2016 – at home


Hello Hannah,

We’re just back from our honeymoon today and it was brilliant, as was the day itself, in no small part thanks to you! Your humanist ceremony meant so much to us, it really did. We’re so glad you got to stay and talk to our family and friends too – they loved chatting to you.

Thank you again,

Heather and Gerred x


Anthony and Jon – Sunday 29th May 2016 – Great John St Hotel, Manchester


Thanks for your email and kind words. We had an awesome rest of day. I really think the day couldn’t have gone better for us and the humanist ceremony was an essential part of that. We received so many lovely comments about it. I think we are both going to miss our regular email chats and assignments from you! Sending best wishes, AJ xx


Fran and Chris – Saturday 28th May 2016 – a field, Derbyshire


Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for creating and delivering such a beautiful ceremony for us. We both thought it was perfect for us as a couple and exactly how we wanted it. Everyone that came commented on how lovely and personal it was.

Thank you again for making our wedding day the best it could be.

Best wishes

Fran & Chris


Emma and Ted – Saturday 30th March 2016 – at home


Good morning Hannah,

First and foremost I would like to thank you so much for all your input into the pre wedding preparations that resulted in a seamless ceremony on the day.


Next I would like to thank you for presiding over the humanist ceremony and involving us all in the proceedings in such a special and intimate way. The words you spoke captured the essence of the two people who were committing themselves to a future together. I couldn’t fault you on a single point!! Their vows were amazing and so personal, they had obviously thought very carefully about what they wished to say to each other.


Many people have made the comment that it was the most emotional ceremony that they have ever been to, they completely understand why Emma and Ted chose to have a humanist ceremony and that they felt involved in a way that would never have been possible in church.


Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you. Words are never really enough but let me assure you that you made what was always going to be an extremely wonderful day even better.


Many thanks, best wishes,

Caro (another very proud parent)


Sarah and Dan – Saturday 9th April 2016 – The Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester



As you now know neither of us could be accused of being overly organised or particularly prompt – qualities which are pretty key when planning a wedding. However, with your help and guidance we are happy to say that our wedding day was an absolutely amazing success and ran so smoothly. From your regular and kind messages helping us organise the ceremony to your indispensable help on the day managing people and ensuring things ran smoothly all the way through to the heartfelt ceremony you performed which left us caught somewhere between laughing and crying (we honestly didn’t stop smiling all evening!) you were absolutely indispensable. So many of our friends and family commented on how sincere and professional your ceremony was and many more now have a much better understanding of why we chose a Humanist ceremony. We could not recommend you highly enough to any couple planning for their big day.


Thanks you so much for making our day so special!

Sarah and Dan’


‘Hi Hannah

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making Dan and Sarah’s wedding so special. It was very meaningful and just ‘them’. I especially loved the symbolism of the ribbon tying.


With many thanks again and sending you love and best wishes,

Jo’ (mother of the groom)


Vicky and Matt – Saturday 26th March 2016 – ‘Crow Hill’, Marsden


‘Hannah, Thank you so much for everything and all your help – it was an incredible day. Matt & Vicky’



Well, it’s been a heck of a day, we are all exhausted, both physically and emotionally, but I’d like to put on record, from Judy and myself, our grateful thanks for the, not inconsiderate, part you played in making today the resounding success it was.


It was a pleasure to meet you and be guided, in your safe hands, through the most important thing that Vicks and Matt have done in the (comparatively) short time they have been together.


Thank you so much for your help,

Kind regards,

Judy and Phil’ (parents of the bride)