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Uniquely delightful humanist ceremonies led with warmth, gravitas and flair

Wedding Testimonial | Julia + Brian

‘There aren’t really enough superlatives!

Our wedding ceremony has been a huge success and this is in no small part due to Hannah’s involvement. It couldn’t and wouldn’t have been as good without her and many of our guests said it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to, which was lovely to hear.

Hannah helped us to gather our thoughts and put into words what we both mean to each other and the importance of marriage to us. We now think this affirmation should be a compulsory process prior to any marriage.

With great skill, and using our words, Hannah crafted what we might want to say to our guests and to each other during the ceremony itself. She cleverly wove together individual contributions from ourselves and others close to us to bring our love story to life.

Hannah then led the ceremony superbly and with great attention to detail, ensuring that the plan for the day was executed perfectly. She is articulate, has great presence and the ability to capture everyone’s attention.

Couples will get out of the process as much as they put into it. If you put in as much time and thought as Hannah does, your ceremony will be truly bespoke and the best it can be. Don’t ever worry though that this is something that you can’t do, as Hannah will guide you through her process with kindness, humour and sensitivity.

How very special we found the whole process and what a wonderful bond we built with her.’
Julia and Brian

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If you like what you’ve read in Julia and Brian’s testimonial, do check out my Weddings page and Instagram. If you’ve any questions, just drop me a line. It will be a pleasure to hear from you. Hannah WG

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